FoRP - Lux and the Holograms

Session 1

The characters infiltrated the Cult of Níðhöggr. Their mission was to rescue Lily, daughter of Mayor Willem of Starryfort. A battle ensued, and the heroes rescued the maiden after killing the High Priest; a strange serpent-man who possessed an amulet depicting several snakes entwined around a great tree. The PCs discovered the Captain of the Starryfort Watch, Jormund, was a cultist. He met his demise at the edge of Lux’s axe. The cavern collapsed after the Priest activated mystic runes carved into the temple’s walls.

Galadiir and Florian escorted Lily back to her home, while Bittle made camp in the woods. Lux and Felix made their way to Jormund’s house. Jormund’s wife was alerted to their presence when Felix noisily opened the window. As Felix looted the house, Jormund’s wife met her fate as her husband did – at the hand of the mighty halfling barbarian. Felix and Lux found a note with a similar snake seal imprinted on it.


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